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Powerslide Khaan Junior LTD Pink (Adj.)

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Inline skating is a wonderful sport for active kids and the POWERSLIDE size-adjustable Khaan Junior LTD Pink inline kids skate is an excellent entry skate for young skaters. Designed to be the perfect platform for little skaters to learn basic skills and build confidence.  This skate has a durable shell and supportive cuff able to take the scrapes, bumps, and falls that come with active kids having fun. Knowing that kids grow quickly, the Khaan Junior LTD Pink can easily be adjusted to four different sizes, so you can have confidence that your little roller will have a capable, well-fitting skate for multiple seasons. Everyone learns at a different pace, and the POWERSLIDE Khaan Junior LTD Pink includes extra safety features that allow them to develop new skills and confidence gradually. The Khaan Junior LTD skate includes a Speed Control System (SCS) that allows you to easily limit the speed of the skate, so new skaters can have the perfect balance of speed and safety as they gain confidence.


Boot Overview:

Hardboot; unibody construction; Khaan Jr. liner with EVA padding and expandable toe area; not heat moldable

Frame Overview:

Unibody; polypropylene (PP) - GFK; 8.1" (207mm) / 8.6" (219mm) / 9.1" (231mm) / 9.6" (243mm); 4x64mm / 4x70mm / 4x72mm / 4x76mm

Wheel Overview:

Powerslide One; 64/70/72/76mm / 85A HR= High Rebound, Cruising Comfort

Bearing Overview:

Wicked; ABEC 5; carbon steel